My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations Isaiah 56:7 (NIV)

Prayer underpins all we do at LCF and we know that if we want to be the church God wants us to be, and accomplish all he has planned for us, it has to start in our own heart and with prayer.  Jesus modelled a lifestyle of prayer.  It was his habit to pray regularly and especially before any major event and at LCF we follow Jesus’ example.

Weekly Prayer Events

Monday Night Alive: We join together as a church every week (in the Church Hall) to pray for an hour 7.00pm-8.00pm at our Monday Night Alive event (except on Bank Holidays and during the summer holidays).

Sunday Morning Prayer: We meet at 9.30-10.00am every Sunday morning (in the Long Room) to pray for our morning service.

Prayer Corner: A team is happy to pray for you in confidence after our Sunday morning services in the Prayer Corner (next to the stage by the drums) for any need.

If you are unable to get to church one of our Pastoral Care team can arrange for someone to visit and pray with you. (Please contact the church office or your life group leader.)

Monthly Prayer Event

Intercessors for the Nations: Our monthly Intercessors for the Nations prayer meeting meets on the last Sunday of every month (in the Upper Room), to pray for various nations in our needy world.

Prayer Requests

Our Life Group is our primary source of prayer support, or Christians we do life with.

Our Pastoral Care team is available to help you through any situation which you need specialised or long-term prayer and attention.

Prayer for the Sick

If you are unwell there is an opportunity to be anointed with oil by the elders during our Monday Night Alive events.  We encourage you to come and be prayed for, or to stand in for someone else, as an act of faith.

Short-term emergency
We operate a Text Alert to rally over 40 church members to pray in a medical emergency and if someone has been hospitalised.  Please call the church office or text Raye Summers 07795148250.  Please note this service is not confidential.

 If you need long-term prayer support
For life threatening or life changing illness please contact your life group leader or Sharon Veares if you’re not in a life group.

Important: as medical information is sensitive, for GDPR purposes we require permission of the prayer recipient to pass any information on to others.  If the information is to be treated confidentially it should be clearly expressed as such.

Getting Involved

Our prayer ministry is driven by volunteers who have a heart to pray for others.  If you would like to serve in the prayer ministry please chat to Raye Summers or email

Pray for Lily May

On Monday 18th November, MNA at 7:00pm will be dedicated to praying for Lily May and we are asking everyone to log into the website below and pick at least one of the 15 minutes prayer slots during 8:00am-8:00pm on Wednesday 20th to cover the period of her surgery.

If you are able to fast on either of these days, we would really appreciate it but please be wise if you are on medication.

You can sign up right now by clicking here
We appreciate you all so much; thank you for doing this.